We are Committed to Recycling Services

We continuously improve our services through technology, our dedicated team, and efficiency and we are committed to passing those savings onto our customers.

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It’s Simple

All acceptable recyclables go loose and properly rinsed out, in the toter.

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Less Time

You don’t need to sort your recycling. Just put all of your clean recyclables in your convenient recycle toter.

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Reducing Waste

Recycling reduces waste by diverting items from the trash stream.

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Less Traffic

We reduce emissions by having less trucks out on the road. The more people we service in your neighborhood the greater the impact.

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Reduce Pollution

Less production of new goods means less emissions.

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Saving Energy

By not having to produce new products, recycling provides noticeable savings in energy costs.

Recycling Best Practices

Loose recyclables are best. If you must bag your recyclables, clear, see-through bags are required.

All recyclables should be clean and dry.

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