Safety Compliance

Putting Health and Safety First for Everyone

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Safety Compliance

Putting Health and Safety First for Everyone


Our Standards

United States Disposal Service strives to meet and exceed national health and safety standards. As your trusted waste disposal professionals, we hold ourselves to the highest standards of care for the benefit of our team members, subcontractors, site visitors and members of the general public.

There are immeasurable benefits to committing to these standards of care. By doing so, we choose to prioritize the “how” of what we accomplish, not just the end results. This culture carries through to our whole organization. Our customers and the environment reap the rewards.


We continually ensure that we are compliant and up to date on all federal permits and licenses needed to operate. We safeguard our clients by making sure that we have authorization from all local municipalities, as well. These permits and licenses are quite often closely examined by regulators and government officials, so we take great care to file timely requests and maintain up to date records.

At United States Disposal Service, we strive to meet or exceed our industry’s standards for competency, with certifications including NFPA (National Fire Protection Association), API (American Petroleum Institute), and CSA (Canadian Standards Association). Through our commitment to transparency, we also hold outstanding ratings in pre-qualification registries such as ISNetworld®, ComplyWorks, Avetta and ContractorCheck.

Curbside Collection Services from United States Disposal Service

We have rigorous job site standards and controls in place to ensure the highest standards are upheld.

We Tailor Our Services To Your Needs

  • Service plans that meet your needs and stay on budget
  • Wide variety of waste management receptacles available, from cans to compactors
  • Continuous improvements to services and products to save you money, boost efficiency and protect the environment
  • Simplified billing - no matter how many locations we service, you only receive one monthly invoice
  • Ability to third party manage the waste disposal at all your locations
  • One contract to cover the terms and conditions for all of your serviced locations
  • Trusted local contractors put you in direct communication with your service providers
  • Innovative solutions and superior service standards to resolve issues quickly and efficiently

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