Compactor Rentals


Compactor Rentals

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Space-Saving Waste Disposal Solutions

United States Disposal Service self-contained and stationary compactors are perfect for customers who generate a large volume of compactable waste and have limited space available for waste collection. Choose from 35 yard self-contained or 40 yard stationary compactors. Waste hauling and disposal services included in your rental agreement.


35 Yard Compactor

Our 35 yard self-contained compactor rentals are ideal for large volumes of compactable wet waste or waste material that generates liquid when compacted. These units are not ground-mounted. The compactor and receiver are contained in one unit.

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40 Yard Compactor

Our 40 yard break-away compactor rentals are ideal for large volumes of dry, compactable materials such as cardboard or newspaper. Stationary compactors are ground-mounted and the removable container is serviced by roll-off truck.

Minimize Waste Management Expenses

If you have large amounts of waste and limited space, our compactor rentals are the waste solution for you. Compactors can hold more waste in less space. This can reduce the number or frequency of waste removal hauls required and save you money.

Choose from 35 yard self-contained or 40 yard break-away rental units and discover how compactors make it easier and more affordable to manage your waste.

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Low Maintenance Roll Off Compactor Rentals


We offer convenient online ordering so you can easily find the compactor you need and submit your rental request. If you need help determining which compactor is the best fit for your needs, our team is available to answer any questions and assist with your order. Once you submit your order, we take care of the rest.

Our compactor rentals are designed to be low maintenance to save you space and time. All United States Disposal Service compactor rentals include waste collection and disposal services. We provide reliable service on a consistent schedule so you never have to worry about emptying your compactor. If require additional service, simply submit a request using our service request form.

Compactor Rentals from United States Disposal Service

If you are managing large amounts of waste or recyclables and need a convenient solution that requires a minimal amount of space, we can help. United States Disposal Serve compactors can save you time, space and money. Submit your order today and discover the USDS difference.


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Our Team is Here for You

We offer easy-to-use online ordering to make setting up your waste management effortless. If you need assistance with your order or help determining the appropriate sized dumpster for your needs, our team is here for you. You can also contact our team to adjust your trash collection schedule.

If you need to reduce the number of dumpsters or end your service, please call us to cancel your service and schedule removal of your front load dumpsters.