Curbside Collection in Antoine, AR

Antoine may be a small town but it has big heart when it comes to taking care of the environment. The city offers convenient curbside collection services that make waste management easier for residents while reducing pollution from individual trips to landfills.

Curbside Collection Services from United States Disposal Service

Reliable Curbside Trash and Recycling Collection in Antoine

You shouldn't have to spend your day worrying about if and when your trash will be collected. United States Disposal Service is committed to delivering quality disposal services on a consistent schedule.

You shouldn't have to worry about surprise disposal fees, either. Our straightforward pricing includes weekly collection, prorated fuel, and environmental and city fees in your service agreement.

Commercial Dumpsters Available for these Zip Codes

71820, 71921, 71922, 71923, 71998, 71999, 71822, 71720, 71823, 72015, 72019, 71929, 71825, 71722, 72926, 71933, 71827, 71935, 71724, 71701, 71711, 71725, 71726, 71940, 71833, 71941, 71835, 71838, 71839, 71943, 71743, 71801, 71842, 71913, 71901, 71909, 71949, 71950, 71952, 72084, 71845, 71846, 72087, 71751, 72104, 71847, 71752, 71953, 71851, 71758, 71957, 71956, 71958, 71852, 71959, 71960, 71759, 71961, 71853, 71962, 71855, 71964, 71965, 72128, 72129, 71857, 71858, 71968, 71859, 71969, 71762, 71763, 71764, 71970, 71854, 72167, 71971, 71972, 71770, 71862, 71772, 71865, 75561, 75569, 75573, 75501, 75503

Our Commitment

United States Disposal Service is an American-owned business headquartered in Jacksonville, Florida. Our unrivaled commitment to deliver results for our customers drives us to raise the bar with our solutions and service. We want make your order process simple, straightforward and convenient.

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Committed to Community

United States Disposal Service wants to see our communities thrive. We invest in American communities by using American-made products. We celebrate our employees by participating in initiatives that recognize their hard work and dedication, such as Waste & Recycling Workers Week. We also support green programs, like Recycle Guide, to raise awareness among consumers about how they can make responsible, eco-friendly choices when disposing of commercial and household waste.




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