Join Us in Celebrating Waste & Recycling Workers Week

t’s almost time for Waste & Recycling Workers Week, our annual celebration of the dedicated waste professionals in our community!

During the week of June 17-21, we encourage you to show your appreciation by serving those who serve our communities. This weeklong celebration seeks to recognize and celebrate the men and women in the waste and recycling industry as front-line responders. It’s our hope that every man and woman in the waste industry is respected and celebrated for the important work they do in service to our communities.

Whether it’s a plate of cookies, a handmade card from a child, or a heartfelt handshake, your appreciation will mean the world to the waste and recycling workers in your community.

We hope you’ll join us the week of June 17-21 in honoring our waste professionals. For more information and ways to recognize Waste & Recycling Workers Week in your community, check out our celebration resources, or try some of the suggestions below:

  • Ask your city or state government officials to issue a proclamation for Waste & Recycling Workers Week.
  • Download and write a Thank You card! Give it to your waste workers directly, or even tape it to your trash can for them to easily find when you are not home.
  • Throw a party! Honor and celebrate the waste workers in your community with a garbage truck-themed party.
  • Add the WRWW badge to your website to show support, or change your Facebook profile picture to WRWW for the week of June 17-21.
  • Donate to WRWW to support waste and recycling workers in your community.

Thank you for your support and for helping us honor the dedicated men and women in the waste and recycling industries.

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