Portable Toilets are Distinguished Primarily by Size and Interior Features

Whether you’re organizing an outdoor event, managing a construction site, or performing a small-scale renovation at home, arranging for on-site sanitation services should be among your top priorities. Employees and attendees expect clean, accommodating, and convenient portable potty options, and in some cases, providing them may be your legal duty.

Fortunately, renting portable toilets isn’t a difficult task. In fact, most of what gives people pause is understanding the different types of portable toilets and how their sizes, dimensions, and features are applied to different contexts.

If you’re in need of portable potty rentals for your worksite or event, you’ve come to the right place. Consider this article your full breakdown on renting portable toilets, from the different sizes and styles available to the best way to determine the options that are right for you.

Types of Portable Toilet Rentals For a number of outdoor locations, from residential and commercial construction sites to music festivals, art fairs, outdoor weddings, and more, portable toilets are an essential amenity. In almost any situation where indoor plumbing isn’t an option, portable potties are a convenient and sanitary solution.

That said, the solutions offered by portable toilets are not one size fits all. To accommodate the range of functions they serve, portable potties are available in several styles, each with its own features, applications, and unique benefits. The different types of portable toilets are:

  1. Standard size
  2. ADA handicap
  3. Portable toilet with sink
  4. Flushable portable toilet
  5. Portable sink
  6. High-rise

Portable toilets are distinguished primarily by size and interior features, such as whether they offer built-in sanitary facilities like sinks and soap dispensers. Before you order your portable toilet, you want to be sure that the style you’re renting is the one that’s best suited to your needs.

Portable Potty Sizes & Dimensions The biggest difference between the portable toilet types is size. The size of a portable toilet determines how much use it can manage, its accessibility, and how frequently it needs to be cleaned, among other concerns. But it doesn’t only refer to the dimensions of the structure. It also refers to the size of the unit’s holding tank.

The standard dimensions and features of the different types of portable toilets are:

  1. Standard size – A standard portable toilet is approximately 90 inches in height, with depth and width measurements of 45 inches each. The capacity of the holding tank is generally between 50 and 70 gallons.
  2. ADA Handicap – ADA-compliant portable toilets are larger than the standard model to accommodate people who use wheelchairs and other mobility equipment. Units are around 90 inches tall and measure approximately 77 inches in depth and width. They feature standard holding tanks with up to 70 gallons in capacity.
  3. Portable toilet with sink – These models are typically sized like standard units at 90 inches tall, 45 inches wide, and 45 inches deep, with the added feature of built-in sinks for handwashing.
  4. Flushable portable toilet – These models follow the same dimensions of a portable toilet with a sink.
  5. Portable sink – These stand-alone sinks are typically set up outside of portable toilets that don’t feature built-in wash stations, like the standard-size model. They are available in various styles and may feature single or multiple stations.
  6. High-rise – At approximately 70 inches in height, 53 inches in depth, and 33 inches wide, the high-rise model is the smallest portable toilet style, sized to maximize space at the most crowded events and construction sites.

Which Porta Potty Size Should You Choose? With these measurements in mind, it’s much easier to determine the portable toilet style that’s best for you. When you’re choosing between the different types of

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