How Warehouse Waste Management Programs Increase Profits Allentown PA

In warehouses and storage facilities, waste and recycling materials can accumulate from the many huge shipments received. It is not uncommon for items to be repacked into smaller units before leaving the storage or distribution facility again. The resulting bulky cardboard boxes and plastic packaging material waste can accumulate quickly and require space to be stored before being sent to waste disposal facilities.

In many facilities the standard operating processes involve collecting the packaging waste and carrying it outside to large dumpsters, to be hauled away by waste collection companies. Although this procedure does move solid waste away from the floor, it also takes team member time from more important tasks. Many companies are looking for warehouse and logistics waste management solutions that will reduce costs and improve efficiency in waste management logistics.

How Warehouse Waste Management Programs Increase Profits

Our industry-leading waste management consultants offer a free consultation and evaluation of your current processes and help develop a plan to reduce warehouse waste costs.

As your professional waste brokers and waste management consultants, USDS will:

Analyze your current waste management services and procedures.
Perform a waste stream audit to identify more efficient solutions and minimize costs.
Recommend waste management equipment like recycling balers or compaction units to streamline workflows throughout the facility.
Identify ways to practice waste reduction and waste disposal efficiency to lower waste costs.
Negotiate fair pricing on waste hauling, recycling pickup, and dumpsters for storage facilities.

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