Commercial Trash Service – Colorado Springs

Modern businesses in Colorado are taking more care than ever to ensure that their commercial waste is managed and disposed of in the proper manner.  Adopting the best methods of waste recycling and waste management is crucial for any business, not just for the sake of our environment but also for health and safety reasons.

We take care of all your recycling and waste management needs.

2,3,4,6,8-yard bins available.
Picked up on your schedule.
Metal, bear-proof lids available.
Trash, recycling, and cardboard management.

Many businesses and offices produce large amounts of trash that can be recycled. Scrap paper, old reports or file folders, catalogs, mail, phone books, empty cardboard boxes, certain packing materials, and even pop cans can all be collected in your office and saved for recycling.

El Paso County commercial recycling pickup dates are scheduled at your convenience when service arrangements are made. Call in pickup is also offered for Infinite Disposal commercial trash and recycling customers.

USDS servicing Colorado Springs provides commercial recycling services for:

Cardboard only
Mixed recyclables
Single-stream recycling
Note: We cannot accept shredded paper for recycling.

Electronics Waste

Waste electronics and computers from residential and non-residential sources cannot be disposed of in solid waste landfills in Colorado.

Waste electronics contain heavy metals and other harmful constituents that have the potential to contaminate soil and groundwater if not managed and disposed of properly.
To learn where to recycle these materials visit the Colorado Dept of Health and Environment. and Electronics and computer waste | Department of Public Health & Environment (

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